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Since 2015 we have developed ecommerce in Sweden by sharing knowledge and creating a platform for entrepreneurs to meet.

We are a community of ecommerce companies in Helsingborg. We run a coworking space and the only Swedish incubator focusing on ecommerce. We collaborate with logistics and warehouse hubs, coordinate an ecommerce network as well as host events and courses.

E-commerce Park of Sweden is a part of Collaboration Concepts AB.


For an e-commerce business located in Sweden with a focus on selling to Nordic customers, Helsingborg is one of the best location. This is due to a number of factors:

Strong logistic: a number of the largest e-commerce business in the Nordics have their logistics and warehouse centers located here. This is not just because of the important E4 and E20 junction, which connects to Gothenburg / Oslo / Copenhagen, and Stockholm respectivly. Helsingborg Harbours is also the second biggest container port in Sweden, making it an important sea destination.

Strong access to talent: this region has been the home of some of the must successfull e-commerce companies in the Nordics, with both IKEA, CDON and Boozt having their business and tech development here. On top of that Lunds University, one of the top universites in the world, has their specialised Logistics Bachelor as well as their Supply Chain Management master programs in Helsingborg.

Innovation and new ideas: this region is home to research teams such as ReLog, that do break-thru research on the latest within e-commerce.

The best service providers: because e-commerce is so strong in this region, the best service providers are present here or connected to E-commerce Park of Sweden.

Home to some of the best support companies: Helsingborg is home to both Convergys and K2C, they have customer support for all the Nordic countries and langues. Helsingborg is also home to Contentor, the leading translations and localization company within e-commerce to all the Nordic languages.

Welcoming environment for expats and foreigners: Sweden is a country where the majority is proud to be welcoming to foreigners. And with many large corporates already having their international or Nordic headquarters here, such as IKEA, Nestlé, Yves Rocher, IBM and many more, there is a strong community for expats and foreigners. Helsingborg is a city easy to live in.

High quality of living, at a low expense: Helsingborg is ranked amongst the top cities in Sweden to live in, with it’s charming city center but also close to nature and the country side. Having much space, the city has relative low prices. A perfect place for expanding an e-commerce business.


Email us at info@ecommercepark.se
Or call our Community Manager Matilda at 073 920 29 33.

We look forward to hearing from you!


E-commerce Park is situated at Vasatorpsvägen 1E.

From the central station: take bus 1, 26 or 27 and get off at the stop Regementsvägen. E-commerce Park is a 5 min walk from the bus stop.

We have a large parking space around the house where you can park for free.

our team

  • Cornelia Molin
    Cornelia Molin Verksamhetschef

    Cornelia klev in i sin roll på E-commerce Park januari 2020, men hade sedan tidigare en relation till oss i samband med sitt fd. bolag Lush Laces AB. Förutom att ha drivit bolag, har Cornelia arbetat med försäljning i alla dess former, allt från dörrknackning i Norge till projektledning i Stockholm och nu senast som Business Manager på Adecco Sweden AB.


  • Matilda Edvardsson
    Matilda Edvardsson Community manager

    Matilda är utbildad kommunikatör från Lunds universitet och har tidigare varit mycket engagerad inom studentrörelse och studentpolitiska frågor. Hon har även arbetat med public relations och public affairs innan hon kom till E-commerce Park. Här har hon främst hand om hyresgästerna till E-commerce Park of Sweden, våra evenemang och sociala medier.

  • Amelie Lidén
    Amelie Lidén Grundare, delägare och styrelseledamot

    Vår VD Amelie har varit med sen starten. Hon har flera ledande roller i bagaget, bland annat som personalansvarig på Lion Alpin, Recruitment Manager på STS Språkresor, projektledare, nätverks- och personalkoordinator Student Network mer mycket mer. Amelie är också delägare i e-handeln Eqvital.

  • Dan Nilsson
    Dan Nilsson Grundare, delägare och styrelseledamot

    Dan är en etablerad e-handelsprofil i Sverige och har sedan 2002 grundat eller investerat i över 20 e-handelsverksamheter. Bland annat Sveriges mest uppskattade e-handelskonferens emeet, landets största oberoende tidning om e-handel och detaljhandel, Ehandel.se samt bolagen Fyndiq, Roliga Prylar, Tonerlagret, Contentor och Quickbutik.

  • Karsten Deppert
    Karsten Deppert Grundare, delägare och styrelseordförande

    Karsten är social entreprenör med en mängd olika engagemang. Han har ett stort nätverk inom start-ups och e-handel och har grundat ett antal bolag, bland annat Contentor, Student Network och Rescued Fruits. Karsten är dessutom ägare till bland annat Mindpark och e-handeln nybryggt.nu.

  • Sanna Kahlström
    Sanna Kahlström VD Collab Concepts AB

    E-commerce Park of Sweden drivs av Collab Concepts, en konsultbyrå inom fastighetsbranschen som bland annat är experter på co-working spaces. Förutom E-commerce Park drivs även kontorshotellet Mindpark under Collab Concepts flagg. Sanna har flera års erfarenhet av att leda den här typen av verksamheter och fungerar som senior advisor till oss.

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