The E-commerce Park of Sweden is the best place for e-commerce companies to grow and expand. Our unique location and facilities make this the perfect spot for any e-commerce store targeting Sweden or the Nordics.

The aim is to give not just logistical and economical advantages, but also to create a community and a place where knowledge and know-how is shared. Being able to share office space as well as warehouse space gives large advantages.

E-Commerce Park of Sweden has four main areas: Office-space, community and network coordinating, warehouses and logistics center, and an incubator program.

Unique location
For any e-commcerce store targeting Sweden of the Nordics, a good location is a must. Giving the large areas of the country, there are only a few places that really excell. Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden, is one of those. It is both a good place for land transport, being at the intersection of the E4 and E6 highways, it has excellent railroad connection and also very good sea-routes, with the Port of Helsingborg being one of the major container harbours in the Nordics. The E-commerce Park of Sweden is located at the harbour, with direct rail access as well as good road access.

The proximity to Denmark also makes the location a good choice, as well as good connection to Norway. This makes the three biggest e-commerce markets in the Nordics are within reach.

The region also has one of the highest density of e-commerce companies. This ensures that competens on the suppliers side is high, and gives easy access to both marketing, tech, legal and administration tasks with good knowledge of the Swedish or Nordic e-commerce sector.

Solutions for expanding to the Nordics
E-commerce Park of Sweden is a place where e-commerce companies can expand quickly. It is also a place with a lot of knowledge about the Swedish and Nordic e-commerce sector is located. There are partnerships with top Swedish SEO and SEM companies, partners with translation companies and logistical partners, as well as lawyers and accountants with e-commerce specific experience. All of this is essential to make it easy to expand into the Nordics.

Office space, warehouse and incubator
For companies locating to the E-commerce Park of Sweden, there are three option. It is possible to locate offices here, to locate warehouse and logistics, or to be part of our incubator program. Of course all three of these can be combined. All options are highly flexible, with solutions that fit both small companies or regional offices, to large international companies.

Please contact us if you have questions regardig our offices, logistics or incubator.
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